• Dehns Germany is a partnership of German and British patent attorneys, established in cooperation with Dehns, one of the largest firms of patent and trade mark attorneys in Europe.

  • Dehns Germany brings together internationally renowned Dehns with the expertise of an experienced group of German patent and trade mark attorneys familiar with providing intellectual property services in Germany, with its highly successful manufacturing and exporting industries and also the largest economy in Europe.

  • Our clients benefit from our expertise in a wide range of intellectual property services including preparing and filing patent and utility model applications, trade marks and designs in Germany and Europe, conducting opposition and cancellation actions, searching and giving advice on conflicting patents, trade marks and designs ...

  • ... watching services, preparing and recording licences, assignments and other transactions, conducting infringement and other proceedings in the Courts, liaising with other lawyers on both contentious and non-contentious matters and renewing patents, trade marks and designs and translating.

  • As an approachable, responsive and friendly team, we give our clients closely tailored advice in all aspects of German, European and international patent, design and trade mark law. Though the procedures of patenting and trade marking are often complex, we guide clients through the process without jargon, in a language they understand.

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